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Beauty, Wellness & Pregnancy with Yasmine Smatti

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Beauty, Wellness & Pregnancy with Yasmine Smatti

Pregnancy changes everything…  Pregnancy can change everything—the way you live, the way you eat, the way you view the world—however it doesn’t alter the truth that everyone, especially moms-to-be, need to pamper themselves. As a mum, former beauty guru, and entrepreneur, L’Atlier Green founder, Yasmine Smatti is able to offer an expert opinion on caring for your body when it is going through its most dramatic changes - such as being pregnant. Whilst no two experiences are the same, particularly when it comes to some thing as life-changing and personal as turning into a new mother, there are still some key things that can be done to boost both your mental and physical health during this time! Tip 1: What you eat is key, as are your beauty products! During pregnancy it...

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