Founded by French beauty experts Hamida and Yasmine, L'ATELIER GREEN PARIS® is the result of their desire to use a trendy nail polish that is both nourishing and glamorous.

With over 15 years of industry experience, multiple beauty awards and TV and press appearances, the duo are trailblazers in the natural beauty world, in 2017 they launched ‘Rouge Fast Beauty Bar’, the first ever mobile beauty service to use only natural products.

Over the years they found themselves facing the same scenario time and time again, helping countless beauty fans to repair their fragile nails, damaged from years of acrylics, gel manicures and toxin-filled varnishes. They saw first hand the need for a product that not only gave the desired colour, shine and long-lasting effect, but that also cared and nurtured the nails.

Three years later, they introduce to you L’ATELIER GREEN PARIS – Colour with Care. A nail varnish that is truly kind and gentle to the nails, allowing them to breath whilst never compromising on colour and shine.