5 nail art trends to get ready for Valentine's Day !

As spring approaches, L'Atelier Green Paris is working on new projects and has many surprises in store for its customers in the upcoming months!

In the meantime, February is just around the corner and the team is getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day with you! Whether you are planning to celebrate your evening as a couple, alone or with friends, there is nothing to stop you from preparing yourself from head to toe to make your 14th February memorable!

Discover with the team 5 easy to make nail art inspirations perfect to push the romance... to the tip of your nails!

1. red heart french

For the undisputed fans of French who want to add an original twist to their manicure, opt for a red French achieved in two strokes of an applicator brush on an almond-shaped nail to give the illusion of the most intense heart. To be done with our babe Le Rouge.

red heart french manicure
source : Etsy

2. mini red hearts accent

For those who prefer a more subtle and discreet nail art, opt for a manicure made up of mini red hearts as nail accents on one or all nails, to be done with a dotting tool and a fine brush. The team recommends Le Rouge for the most romantic little hearts.

mini heart accent manicure
source : Etsy

3. glittery nail accent 

For those who are more dexterous and comfortable with nail art, why not opt for a simple manicure on a light or nude base to be embellished with a glittery nail accent using a fine brush? To keep it subtle, we recommend our favourite True Innocence for the base and our rock star Golden Girl for the glittery touch.

glittery nail accent
source : classicallycait.com

4. classic deep red 

Chase the glamour, and it's back with a vengeance. What better way to celebrate love than with a deep, dramatic red? No need for a fine brush or special tools for this manicure, No Way Back is enough on its own to turn heads.

classic deep red manicure
source: Amazon

5. negative space blue hearts

For those who like originality, a Valentine's Day nail art can also go well with colours less classic than red, such as purple, crimson or blue. To be done with a fine brush in negative space heart, our current favourite Stormy Heart will be perfect to accompany you on the most romantic night of the year!

negative space blue hearts manicure
source : fabmood.com

Hoping to see your beautiful hands sporting glamorous manicures in the streets, the Atelier Green Paris team wishes you a great week.

Colour with care!