A manicure at home as in a salon!

While it is true that a manicure in a professional salon is a very fashionable treatment at the moment, it can sometimes be very expensive and restrictive with no guarantee of an excellent result.

Many of us have already left an appointment with a beautician that we were expecting to be completely disappointed, with badly filed nails, sore cuticles and overpriced services.
Yet it's so easy to do your own manicure, and the results are often much cheaper and more to our liking.

This week, L'Atelier Green Paris gives you the best advice to achieve the best pose at home!

1) Prepare the nails

To ensure that a manicure lasts over time, it is important to prepare your nails properly before applying any product. It is necessary to remove all the remains of nail polish if there is any, but also to make sure that the nail is clean and smooth. To do this, it is necessary to cut the edges with nail clippers, file them, and then polish the flat of the nail with a polishing block. For this step, the team recommends the use of the glass file and nail buffer sponge from L'Atelier Green Paris, which ensure a completely smooth and uniform finish to the nail surface.

l'Atelier Green Paris glass nail file

2) Push back and moisturise the cuticles

A step that is often forgotten by most people, yet unavoidable in a nail salon, cuticle care is essential to ensure a long-lasting application. Use a vegetable oil such as olive oil or sweet almond oil to soften your cuticles, then gently push them back with a wooden stick or any other tool with a flat, rounded edge.

cuticule care

source : 23Beauty Paris website

3) Exfoliate and moisturise hands

As with the nails, the appearance and condition of the hands should not be neglected, and they should be exfoliated, for example with an olive oil and sugar scrub, and then moisturised with a cream before starting your manicure. Don't forget to wash them with soap and dry them before applying any type of nail polish to your nails so as not to leave any greasy residue that would prevent the polish from lasting long.

hand scrub

source : Femme Actuelle website

4) Apply a coat of base coat

To protect the nail and avoid the colours of your nail polish from staining it in the long term, it is important to apply a first coat of base coat. L'Atelier recommends its base coat It's All About the Base enriched with vegetable oils and zinc.

It's All About the Base base coat

5) Apply your nail polish

You can choose to apply one coat of nail polish if it is opaque enough or two for an optimal result. The nail polishes of the Naked Nails collection of L'Atelier Green Paris are enriched with natural vegetable oils and superfoods such as ginseng or silicium to ensure the good health of your nails and allow them to breathe. Their formula is totally permeable to air and water and the team promises you a long-lasting shiny and opaque finish.

Emerald Dreams nail polish

6) Apply a top coat

To ensure that your manicure remains intact and shiny for several days, it is necessary to apply a top coat to the flat and the edge of the nail. For this, choose a breathable top coat like our darling All Eyes on Me, enriched with sweet almond oil and organic avocado oil, with extracts of cherry blossom, horsetail blossom and pomegranate.

All Eyes on Me top coat

Now you can achieve the perfect manicure at home - something most salon owners would be jealous of!

Colour with care !