Best 2023 nails predictions

It's been 3 weeks since the year 2023 started and it's clear that new trends haven't waited to show up. Thin and light textiles or heavy and thick fabrics, corsets or oversized clothes and chic or totally offbeat outfits, the year is shaping up to be a time of renewal and exploration for fashion. On the nail side too, styles are explored and reinterpreted and manicures are often simpler, more feminine and subtle to match a chic and elegant look, or on the contrary extravagant to accessorize an outfit simply with your hands. Between colored rhinestone nails and thin French, discover with us the most trendy manicures for the year 2023.

1) The chrome nails trend

Popularized by stars like Zendaya or Dua Lipa during their appearances on red carpets, chrome nails have been trending for a few weeks on social networks. Combining a futuristic style with a simple but elegant manicure, chrome nails are ideal to dress up an outfit by adding a glamorous twist to it.

chrome nails picture

picture from DEAVITA

2) Double ombré nails

A more complex manicure but one that obviously makes an impression at every appearance. By choosing two similar monochrome shades and applying them in a vertical gradient on the nail, the manicure creates an almost perfect optical effect of a 3D nail. The trend is also available with glitter polishes to add an extra dimension and a play of light on the nails. At L'Atelier Green, we recommend the Golden Girl, Naked Ambition and Business As Usual nail polishes from the Naked Nails collection, monochrome nail polishes in the same range of shades to perfect the illusion.

double ombre nails picture

@nailartbyqueenie on instagram

3) Nail jewelry

Whether they come in rhinestones or piercing, nail jewelries are a big hit with those who are used to wearing nail caps and extensions. Not very practical to wear on a daily basis, nail jewels nevertheless bring an extra dimension and an original accent to a simple and discreet manicure. If piercings are not to everyone's taste, simple rhinestones or mini plastic charms are easier to wear and can simply accessorize an entire outfit.

rhinestones nails picture

Felicity Baubo on Pinterest

4) The mini French

For fans of more elegant manicures and in the extension of the "clean girl aesthetic", this trend popularized by influencers on social networks or stars like Hailey Bieber with her "Glazed Donut Manicure", the mini French is making a small place in the fashionable manicures ranking in 2023. Ideal for those who like to wear their nails short, the mini French appears as a simpler and more discreet alternative to the classic French manicure. L'Atelier Green recommends using Naked Ambition and True Innocence in two coats each to achieve the prettiest mini French at home.

mini french manicure picture

picture from DESIGNMAG

5) The nude French

We finish with a timeless classic and perfect for winter, nude nail polish is declined in all ways to accessorize an outfit without contrasting with its colors. Combined with a French manicure, nude remains a safe bet in 2023. At L'Atelier Green, we recommend our nudes Business As Usual and Naked Ambition with our star Base Coat It's All About The Base to perfect your nude french.

nude french manicure picture

@nailzkatkat on instagram

Colour with care!