Black Nail File (100/180)


Black nail file 

Use before applying Naked Nails or Evergreen polish, or for beautiful, natural nails.

For the perfect manicure, start by shaping your nails with a L'Atelier Green emery board! Its cushioned layer ensures it doesn’t weaken the nails, and its 100/180 grit allows effective shaping. 


  • How to use our emery board for natural nailSmooths and evens out the nail surface
  • Prepares the nail for a treatment product
  • Helps the polish last longer

HOW TO USE L'Atelier Green Nail file

Gently smooth across the surface of the nail without rubbing back and forth.  Next, apply the "It's all about the base" base coat or LED base coat,  two coats of colour and the top coat.
For natural nails: gently smooth the nail plate.