Fashion inspo to match your L’Atelier Green Paris nail polish

One look cannot be completed without the proper fashion garments and beauty products. Nice and nurtured hands and nails go a long way in providing that final look, which, in the end, results in a chic, elegant and fabulous perception of the person. We at L’Atelier Green Paris are always looking for ways to bring our nail polishes closer to you, whether it is with the colour choice or as a styling tip. For the latter one, we have prepared some fashion tips that will go extra well with your L’Atelier green Paris manicure and nail polish choice. Take a look!

Tie-Dye outfit + multi-tone manicure

Tie-Dye fashion trend appeared last year and its popularity has been growing constantly since then. The unique representation of the colour change that comes in a pattern that resembles a watercolour painting done on canvas is something that many find truly interesting and fresh. With all the colour dominance it is only suitable to wear nail polish in matching shades. For the trendiest look, go for 5 colours on each finger on the hand. The multi-tonal manicure is a total hit this summer.


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Polka dots + polka dots

Polka dot is one of the timeless and most elegant prints in the fashion industry. Their well-known chic and elegance come freshened up with every new season, and now, it is present as a popular manicure choice. The spotted nails, as many call it, can come in many different options. The base of the nail can be any colour, while the dots in a contrasting or opposite one.



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   ( Source: Cosmo)                                (Instagram:   @marinadobyk.nails)


White with a touch of gold

White and gold is the ultimate summer combination that every girl adores. Whether you have lighter or darker skin tone, the summer days and nights will look much more fabulous if you incorporate the white with the gold. From a fashion point of view, any white outfit can be upgraded with at least gold jewellery or accessories. To continue that look of your nails, keep the base white and add a pop of gold glitter in any form or shape you like. The final look will be quite trendy and stylish!

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             (Source: Pinterest)                             (Instagram: @marinadobyk.nails)

With these fashion inspos, we hope that we have helped you and inspired you to do some creative work on your nails! Let us know how your L’Atelier Green Paris nail polishes match your fashion outfit.