Why you should keep with the winter pedicure routine?


There is a popular misconception when it comes to a pedicure in winter. Many women think that pedicure in winter is simply not important and probably a waste of money and time, since the feet and the toes are not open and exposed. However, this is very much wrong. 

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Here are some reasons why to keep the winter pedicure routine:

• During the winter season, the boots, closed shoes, and all different kinds of socks can be compression g on the feet and the nails too. This can result in ingrown nails, which is a painful and not very pleasant feeling. The pedicure here will help with this issue and keep the toenails properly trimmed and neat. 


• The cold weather makes our feet cold. With a pedicure treatment, the circulation will be improved which will result in a better feeling in the feet.


• In the winter, the feet can become rough and dry. The excessive dryness can lead to cracked heels and result in even worse conditions making the heels bleed. The pedicure prevents exactly that and brings the needed moisture to the feet. 


• It prevents different fungal infections from happening and helps in their treatment. 

• The winter pedicure provides relaxation, nourishment, and exfoliation of the feet, as well as adding a pop of colour to your nails. 

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For those who want to make their at-home pedicure treatment, the process is very easy. Start by soaking the feet in warm soapy water. Massage the feet well with a pumice stone or foot brush that will remove all the dry skin. Trim your nails to the length you want. As the last step, add some nourishing feet cream that will provide the needed moisture to the feet. For a perfect and satisfying look of your feet, add some interesting nail polish. 

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At L’Atelier Green Paris you will find an abundance of natural and organic nail polishes that will give that final touch of colour to your nails and at the same time, care for your nails. Breathable and safe for use, our nail polishes will help the nails regenerate through the winter season and make them stronger and healthier, ready for the next summer.


On that note…

Try to do a winter pedicure at least once a month. The at-home treatments are more than enough to keep your feet nice and caring, and with our nail polishes, they will look beautiful too.