L’Atelier Green Paris – A chic and green approach for your nails

Beautiful, elegant nails are a great way to feel confident and ready to take on the world. Adding some color to them is not just fashionable and chic, but speaks volumes about a person's styling and fashion sense.

History shows that Parisian’s have taken exceptional care of their nails for centuries. Renowned for wearing bright, bold shades of red as a symbol of passion, fire and confidence, this sense of style and individualism was a great inspiration for the nail industry to further develop and upgrade the quality of nail polishes and colors on the market.

Keeping all this in mind and much more, we are proud to welcome you to L’Atelier Green Paris – Where nail polishes of the highest quality, will care and nourish your nails and are suitable for all because of their green and natural formula!

Our mission

Understanding the importance of nails in everyday life and as a fundamental part of the fashion and beauty industry, L’Atelier Green Paris is proud to push the boundaries go one step further. We understand that nails are fragile, and their strength highly depends on the body condition, which is why our products are infused with nurturing ingredients that care and replenish your nails, restoring them to their full health whilst never compromising in colour or shine.


Going green

In times of high pollution and a growing awareness towards saving our environment, we at L’Atelier Green Paris understand our responsibility to our customers and the planet to go above and beyond to offer you ‘green’ nail polishes. History and science have taught us that chemicals and toxins can be absorbed through the nails, in order to prevent that, our nail polishes contain a wonderful set of organic and ethical ingredients. This means that we are able to offer you a new option of nail varnishes that are low in chemical lacquer, infused with active organic ingredients and are air & water permeable - a “Naked Nails” formula that keeps them in top condition. The entire manufacturing process is both vegan and cruelty-free, using only natural ingredients that are part of the manufacturing process in the eco-friendly sites.

Having healthy and beautiful nails, whilst also keeping the environment safe is what drives us and inspires us to work even harder. With colours to suit all skin tones, occasions and personalities, we are sure that at L’Atelier Green Paris will immediately become your favorite nail stop.

Welcome and enjoy your new nails!

Yours sincerely,

L’Atelier green Paris