Looking for a perfect gift for International Women’s Day 2020?


International women's day will be celebrated around the world this Sunday, and although appreciation for the women should not be based only on that particular day, for this one day all the attention will be focused on women and celebrating their achievements. This International Women’s Day show all the women who inspire you daily how much you appreciate them, from mothers and grandmothers to best friends with a gift from the #Nakednailscollection.

Spend some time together to chat and get a manicure, to catch-up and enjoy each other’s company – it is the little things like this that aren’t just wonderful gesture and but are also excellent bonding time.


Out top picks for International Women’s day are:

Matching Mama Mia Nails

Inspired by one of our biggest muses – out mama.

The dusky pink looks beautiful on all skin tones and is all-ages appropriate. It provides a natural, soft and romantic look that is trendy for all-year-round. “Mama Mia” nail polish also makes a perfect gift for all those who love doing their nails and home.

Nail polish: https://lateliergreen.com/products/mama-mia

Price: £ 15.99 GBP



Nails polish sets

Pick’n’Mix / The Essential green

Mixing and matching nail polish colours has never been easier. The Pick’n’Mix gift box and The Essential Green gift box allow you to choose three different nail polishes that you can either buy as a treat for yourself, for the 8th is also a celebration of you, or gift to a loved one!

The colour choices can be found in the links below.

Pick’n’Mix : https://lateliergreen.com/products/set-1-picknmix-37-99

Price: £ 37.99 GBP

The Essential green - https://lateliergreen.com/products/set-2-the-essential-green-39-99

Price: £ 39.99 GBP


Treatment sets

Another great gift comes is the form of nail treatments. Consisted of Base coat, Top coat and SOS damaged nails, each of the products does wonders to the nails. They can be paired by themselves for a greater and stronger effect.

Base coat: https://lateliergreen.com/products/its-all-about-the-base

Price: £17.99

Top coat: https://lateliergreen.com/products/all-eyes-on-me

Price: £17.99

SOS Damaged nails: https://lateliergreen.com/products/sos-damaged-nails

Price: £19.99