London Fashion week inspo for this Valentine’s day


Valentine's day and the new London Fashion Week are just a few days away. These two events are somehow connected to the fashion market, the one inspiring the other and setting a tone for the world's day of love. Being in that lovable spirit, here are some L’Atelier green Paris nail polishes and London fashion week trend inspirations that will get in you in the ultimate Valentine’s day mood.

Bold red

Nothing says “Love” like the red colour. Somehow, the colour of the wine has been associated with the red hearts representing love and affection. Red is always present and dominant on the fashion runways, and the latest trends suggest picking the bold red shades. Our red La rouge will spice up the look for this Valentine's day.




Tulle and taffeta

Just in time for spring, the tulle and taffeta are the perfect fabrics for the upcoming Valentine's day. The sheer composition reveals some skin making each garment unique in its look and the colour options are pretty varied too. Pairing tulle or taffeta with Mama Mia nail polish will add romantics in your Valentine’s outfit.




Shine and shimmer

The shimmer, shine, metallics and everything that glows was also present on the London fashion runways for the upcoming spring 2020. With reference to the '70s and '80s fashion styles, the evening styles are also perfect for everyday looks. The same goes for nail polish too. A Valentine to remember will be unforgettable with the Golden Girl.


Pastel Love

The cold winter days are the perfect time to bring some subtle colour in the daily outfits. Especially if those come in pastel versions as those seen on different runways in the last London Fashion Week. Soft and creamy shades have a special place in the fashion and beauty industry. They fit extremely well on every skin tone. In that terms, Naked Ambition brings sexiness and mystique for this Valentine’s and is a great choice for those who want to keep their nails within the ranges of nudes.



These are some of the biggest fashion trends for the upcoming spring-summer season from the London Fashion week. Rocking a nail polish that is inspired by these trends speaks for a very chic, elegant and fashion-aware person. We hope that these suggestions will make your Valentine's day special and unique and with the right nail polish choice, it will be unforgettable. For more nail polish choices head to L’Atelier Green Paris.