10 amazing ways to use your nail polish

Promise, nail polish knows how to do much more than a simple manicure. An old bottle lying around, outdated colours or a too thick polish?

No more throwing them away, we reinvent and recycle them to make nail polish a product that makes a difference! 

Fixing tights
Who has never heard of nail polish fixing your ripped tights? The most famous trick of our grandmothers consists in putting a drop of colourless varnish on a ripped tight. If the hole doesn't disappear, the stitch doesn't go any higher! That's always a good thing.

Create jewellery
For DIY enthusiasts and personalised accessories, we invest in a spool of wire or brass and we bend at will. Form loops or petals, then dip the loops in the bottle of varnish, drain and let dry ... enamel effect guaranteed!

Threading a needle
Anyone who has ever sewn on a button knows how much of a headache threading the thread can be. Another useful grandma trick? Dip the end of the thread in a bottle of varnish, if possible colorless, and let it dry before threading.

Customize shoes
While customizing your nails, why not customize your shoes? Nothing is easier to use an old nail polish than to draw polka dots, flowers, chevrons and all the ideas that come to mind on tennis shoes too bland or old-fashioned pumps.

Repairing shoelaces
A lace that breaks when you tie it, a lace that's too long for a low top shoe... the solution? Nail polish! We cut the lace, we dip the ends in the varnish and we let dry. Colorless or funky, full card for the varnish.

Protecting jewellery
Another trick of granny to preserve the jewelry... We brush our jewels of colorless varnish and we let dry, finished the rings which rub off on the skin and the necklaces which rust before the hour.

Decorating with ceramics
Did we tell you how simple nail polish is to decorate shoes? We hardly dare to tell you about ceramics. Customize vases with polka dots or flowers, paint the bathroom wall tiles with a few geometric patterns and you're done!

Create buttons
Instead of buying the right colour button for our favorite shirt, we go to plan B and recycle buttons like nail polish: we repaint the buttons, let them dry and sew, for a personalised look without spending anything.

Repairing shoes
Surprising, but true, a bottle of nail polish can be used to repair shoes. The only problem is that it has to be the right colour... but if it is, it can hide nicks and scratches on leather pumps like a pro!